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1.篮球诗歌my basketball dream 我的蓝旗梦想 哈哈The man, who is sitting right in front of me



my basketball dream 我的蓝旗梦想 哈哈

The man, who is sitting right in front of me, is well-built, 183tall and as strong as a bear.

wang hai sheng, the director of qing mu tang basketball ferderation, expressed the hardship of running a non-profitable amateur basketball club.

“it’s really hard.”he sighed. Confusion is written all over his face that makes him look more mature than the other people at the same age, though he is only 29year-old.

Along with his 3 friends, they established qing mu tang cultural company in 2002 aimed primarily further promoting basketball and having more people to join in, which has been hold 6 amateur basketball competitions so far.

“it was extremely hard at the first beginning, because we had no idea how to organize the competitons. We had no money and no one to learn from. Unlike the other sports club, amateur basketball club is pretty rare in china, even though China's interest in basketball has soared in recent years due to the superstar yao ming, but we feel hard to call for these people to play together. “

Besides organizing the amateur basketball competitions, they all have their regular jobs, while wang hai sheng is a journalist with a local newspaper.

“we play basketball only in the weekend. to tell the truth, the hardship is more than I expected that I feel depressed and frustrated all the time. My friends wanted to give up , but I talked them out of it. Only I don’t know how long I could hold on…”

Wang said it is his high enthusiam for basketball that helps him to move forward when he faces the difficulties, such as renting the limited indoor basketall courts for competitions, making special rules for the games, negotiating among the teams, appealing for new members and funding.

“funding is the hardest part.”he said.

Unfortunately ,no company or person would like to sponsor this amateur club. Even though wang kept saying that they do this all for basketball, but he also admits that financial problem does impede the improvement of the expanding the club.

Ting mu tang is probably the most famous amateur basketball club in beijing , however, up till now, there are only 60 registered members in their clubs. While the membership price is no more than 100rmb each year.

“our price is certainly inexpensive, I don’t know why we could not attract more people. Once I proposed that we raise the fee up to 150rmb to hire a professional judge, but our members opposed.”

The fact is not all the paticipants are as active as him.

“well ,you have to understand that the participants are all amateurs. Unlike the professional ones, sometimes they could hardly join the comepition due to the personal reasons. If one team quits in the middle of the game, that would be the disaster for me as I would have to rearrange everything.”

When asked how the support the amateur sproting activities. He said that the does show concern for that.

“in the past, you had to get the permission from china basketall associtaion everytime you hold a competition. Right now, it ‘s not a problem at all. And with the help of the , the universities are more open to rent their basketball courts for the outsiders. “

With all the hard work mr wang and his fellows had done in the past few years, ting mu tang enjoys a good reputaion among the basketball enthusiasts. Wang, who witnessed the growing popularity of the competition, said it worths.

“I don’t know how long I could hold on. But one thing is sure that, after beijing 2008 olympics, the p我的篮球梦

该名男子,谁坐在我前面的,是建造, 183tall和强有力的作为承担。

王海生,总干事邓沐清篮球ferderation ,表示艰苦的运行非营利业余篮球俱乐部。

“这真的很难。 ”他叹了口气。混乱的书面所有他的脸上,使他显得更加成熟,比其他人在同一年龄,但他只是二十九年岁。


“这是极其困难的第一次开始,因为我们不知道如何组织competitons 。我们没有钱,没有人了解。与其他体育俱乐部,业余篮球俱乐部是在中国非常罕见,即使中国的兴趣篮球激增近年来,由于明星姚明,但我们感到很难要求这些人一起玩。 “


“我们打篮球只是在周末。说实话,在困难超过了我预期,我觉得所有的忧郁和沮丧的时候。我的朋友想放弃,但我讲出来的。只有我不知道我能保持长期的... “


“资金是最难的一部分。 ”他说。



“我们的价格肯定是便宜的,我不知道为什么我们不能吸引更多的人。有一次,我提议,我们提高收费高达150元聘请一名专业法官,但我们的成员表示反对。 “


“嗯,你必须明白,与会者都是业余爱好者。不同的是专业的,他们有时难以加入comepition由于个人原因。如果一个团队结束在中东的游戏,这将是灾难,我为我将不得不重新安排一切。 “


“在过去,你已经获得许可,我国basketall associtaion每次您持有的竞争。现在,这不是一个问题了。和的帮助下,该国政府,大学是更加开放的篮球场租的局外人。 “


“我不知道多久,我能坚持。但有一点是肯定的是,在2008年北京奥运会,普及篮球爱好者将获得更高。 “

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opularity of basketball enthusiasts would get higher and higher.”



Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

Bidding for the Olympic Games, in a way, an image-creating undertaking. The first and foremost thing is to let people fall in love with the city at first sight, attracting them by its unipue image. What image does Beijing

intend to create for itself once it has the opportunity to host the 2008 Olympics?

It is known to all that the Beijing Municipal Government has already set the theme for the future games: New Beijing, Great Olympics. For me, the 2008 Olympics will be a great green Olympics illuminated with two more special colors, yellow and red.

答案补充 First, yellow is a meaningful color. The Yellow River is China's Mother River and the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. This color has a special origin and great significance for the Chinese people. Beijing is the capital of New China and previously the capital for nine dynasties in Chinese history. So, yellow will naturally add splendor to the 2008 Games. 答案补充 有点破碎、你去这里自己看吧


1.play table with me tonight.

2.I like skiing.

3.I can't play basketball.

4.I'm running fast.

5.I play football is very well.

6.I'm gonging swimming tonight.

7.I was surfing exercise

8.I can hight jump.

9.I don't like tennis.



不知道这个咋样?还是比较押韵的My Life is BasketballMy eyes are big before the game startsMy body covered in hope18 years of practiceMy mind is focussedI have only one purposeI visualize everything I want to doMy home the courtThe crowd surrounding with their big eyes watchingAttracted to the bright lightsMy team behind meWeaving in and out of expectant fansMaking our way to the courtEndless camerasEach other's familiesStill sensing the sudden thrill of anticipationWe circle up, hands together, chantingA team togetherAll focussed on gloryWhere we will Live forever。


1. I love swimming, but I don't like to go swimming today.我喜欢游泳, 但今天不想游。

2. My favorate sport is golf. 我最爱的运动是高尔夫。

3. My brother is absolutely a football lover. 我哥哥是个十足的足球爱好者。

4. I prefer basketball to football. 我喜欢篮球胜过足球。

5. How I wish to be a wonderful basketball player like Yao Ming! 我很想成为像姚明那样了不起的篮球运动员!

The game was scheduled to start at start at eight o’clock on Friday night. Long before that, people began to arrive at the gymnasium. By seven-thirty the seats were almost filled. The school band was there; they wore yellow and black uniforms. They started to play at about a quarter to eight. Everybody stood up, and the people sang. The game was about to start. Two teams ran out to the floor. The referee blew his whistle, and the game started. A basketball game is divided into two halves, and each half is divided into two quarters. There is a rest period between the halves. During the first five minutes of the second half, the score was tied. From then on, the game was very exciting. First one team made a basket, then the other. The people cheered, and everybody was wondering which team was going to win. The ball hit the rim of the basket and seemed to hang there for a moment, and then it fell through the basket. The whistle blew and the game was over. Home team won, 70 to 68.